Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual

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Precise Dimensional Measurement Services


ADS provide a precision dimensional measurement and analysis service in a large range of industrial settings and for many different measurements scenarios. We have more than 20 years of experience with leading edge dimensional measurement technology.

Our staff, formerly of the Industrial Measurement Centre (IMC), University of Otago, New Zealand, have a combined background in academic teachings and training, applied research, contract work on 3D software/system development with Leica, and working with various industries as IM service providers. From this basis we provide reliable results and practical, innovative solutions with a scientific basis.

A key specialty we provide is: Measurement & Alignment Services for Extrusion Presses on site using leading edge 3D Laser Tracker technology and specialist techniques. 

The ADS Turnkey Project approach with Mechanical Extrusion Consultant is in Stages:

Stage 1:          Press Inspection, Measurement and Assessment  

Stage 2:          Refurbishment – Press Adjustment and remedial work

More information on our worldwide services: www.a-solution.com.au 

Contact us:  ADS@a-solution.com.au  or tel +61.4.38412865